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We are all becoming increasingly aware of this issue and its importance in all supply chains.  Conflict Minerals were specifically addressed in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

The Dodd-Frank Act requires that publicly traded companies report to the Securities and Exchange Commission certain information related to use in their products of: Columbite-tantalite (Coltan), Casserite, Wolframite (from which tantalum, tin and tungsten are commonly derived), and Gold.  Additional reporting and due diligence is required if the minerals listed above originated from mines or smelters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, or Zambia.

While Applied Power Products does not fall into the category of companies that are required to file reports with the SEC, we realize that many of our customers do.  In light of that, Applied Power Products is committed to doing due diligence in this area and helping our customers stay compliant.  Toward that end, we have added language to all purchase orders that we issue, that the products and materials we receive must comply with the restrictions specified in Dodd-Frank, as well as requirements set forth in ROHS, Reach, ITAR, and other regulations. 

In addition we have drafted a statement to all of our suppliers indicating our intent to do everything in our power to aid our customers in this issue and asking for their cooperation in this effort.  We are asking them to send us a copy of their own Conflict Minerals policy, or in absence of that, to acknowledge their understanding and intent to comply on a statement form we provide to them.  We will collect and keep these on file.

In the event restricted mineral levels are found to be present in products or material, we will use our Corrective Action and Supplier Corrective Action system to find suitable substitutes and determine other necessary steps.

At Applied Power Products we are committed whenever possible to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers.  We appreciate your business.


Steve McMeen

VP - Operations

Applied Power Products, Inc.