Applied Power Products

Extruded and Molded

We help provide custom and standard extruded and molded products, and we can serve as your stocking warehouse, minimizing the need to import from overseas and lowering your lead times.

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Inventory Management Support

Besides providing parts, we’ll also serve as your stocking warehouse to help combat longer lead times & unforeseen obstacles. We’ll help manage your inventory and simplify your operations.

Domestic & International Options

We’ll provide multiple options depending on what’s most important in every project. This provides excellent flexibility to find solutions during uncertain times.

Excellence in Design & Quality

Our team of engineers & partners will deliver top quality products, and help your team make excellent design & material decisions.

Imported & Domestic Extruded & Molded

Our extensive history & background has lead to predictably high quality for imported products that meet precise quality and design specifications.

Let us Handle Your Importing

Through our partners we’re able to provide multiple options for the application and solution you need.  Having the import and domestic options provide extra flexbility during design, production and support.

Simplify Your Operations with Our Stocking Warehouse

Let us carry your inventory and even manage your ordering process & fulfillment.

We can help simplify your operations, reduce the amount of inventory you have to carry, and even help reduce lead times and avoid obstacles.

We’ll partner with you to help your extruded and molded part supply.

From design assistance to the finished product...

  • Applied Power Products is capable of supplying custom extruded and molded parts exactly to customer specifications.
  • Our experienced personnel can assist you with your product design requirements.
  • We also assist in material selection.


  • Trim Seals
  • Custom Extrusions
  • Custom Molded
  • Cut to Length
  • Combine Materials
  • Specialty Packaging & Labeling
  • JIT and Kanban Programs


  • Materials
  • Rubber
  • UHMW
  • ABS
  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • Urethane
  • Silicone

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